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Swim Lessons With
Ms. Amy

*Who is Ms. Amy?  She has been a certified lifeguard for over 30 years.  She has taught swim lessons every summer for 21 years.  She has taught children since she was a teenager.  Teaching children is her passion.  She has seen it all and she has helped them all 😉


*Where do I go for lessons?   All lessons will be held at 11695 Alta Vista Rd, 76244 


*How much do lessons cost?   * All lessons are one on one with Ms. Amy*

$17.50 for 15 minutes (1 child)

$35 for 30 minutes (1 child)

                  $45 for 30 minutes (2 children in ONE 30-min. lesson)

*We do not offer a sibling discount for lessons.

*How do I schedule lessons?   Fill out a swim enrollment form below 


Splash of Water

Swim Registration Form

Thanks for submitting!  You will be contacted soon to schedule lessons.

Splash of Water
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