Amy Chapman

Owner/ Coach

Amy lives here in Keller with her two children, Landon and Skyler and of course we can't leave out Ms. Penny Sue her dog and Flips for Fun official mascot.
Prior to opening Flips for Fun, she grew up in Longview and was a Flight Attendant for Southwest Airlines for 5 1/2 years. She left there to pursue her love of teaching gymnastics with a crazy idea of a Flips Bus. That's where it all started. She drives the converted school bus to several daycares in the area and teaches preschool age children gymnastics as well as the importance of being physically healthy and fit for life.
She began teaching at the age of 14 and learned to do her back hand spring at the young age of 4 years old. She had determination even way beck then. Her sister was her coach, who also owns and operates a "Big" gym in Paris, Illinois.
She grew up in a single parent household and money was tight. In order to go to a local family fun park, her mother would tell her and her sister, they would have to win at the local talent shows to earn the prize money for the park fees. They would enter the shows and do their tricks; back hand springs, walking on their hands as well as many other tricks. They did win and earned the money to go to the fun park as well as many other places.
She learned the important lesson of setting a goal and of accomplishing it on her own, with hard work and determination. It was because of this will power that we can now enjoy our time at the Flips for Fun Gym.
Advice for kids: Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do something. If you believe strong enough in your goal, NOBODY or NOTHING should stand in your way. MAKE IT HAPPEN and BRING IT.


Brie Brooks


Coach Brie has 12 years of experience coaching gymnastics and cheerleading. She began gymnastics at a young age then later made the transition to tumbling and cheer which continued throughout her high school years and into college. Brie began coaching beginner gymnastics and all-star cheerleading in high school and eventually moved on to working with competitive gymnasts. In addition to coaching, she has instructed cheerleading clinics, choreographed routines and judged area try-outs for both high school and all-star cheerleading teams.

Brie was a cheerleader at Midwestern State university, where she received her bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology in 2013. She is a certified gymnastics instructor as well as a professional member of USA Gymnastics, and has recently earned her credentials for levels 1&2 tumbling and building from the US All Star Federation. Whether it’s introducing a beginner to the fundamentals of gymnastics, or preparing a young athlete for try outs or competition, Brie’s goal is to build strength, coordination, and confidence in her students through positive and constructive coaching.